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Amar Harolikar

Distance Cyclist | Taekwondo & Yoga Student | Learning Ayurveda 
I also analyze data.

Phone: +91-98452-30763 (India)


Hello, I'm Amar

I am a long distance cyclist and a taekwondo player. I also practice yoga and was trained directly by one of senior instructors of Shri BKS  Iyengar. And am hugely passionate about sports medicine, exercise physiology, diet optimization, ayurveda and toxin-exposure-reduction to drive optimized health and peak fitness. And I love analyzing data, which is my profession.


  • Cycling :

    • Toured solo across the length of India, from Kanyakumari upto Delhi, over three tours. Longest tour was from Bangalore to Jaipur , a 22 days solo tour in May 2010, often at tempratures >45 degrees 

    • 200 KM Brevet (2010) -  Non stop riding event. 10.5 Hrs. Amongst top one thirds of finishers. On ungeared Atlas (the doodhwala cycle)

    • Gurgaon - Agra - Gurgaon  / Gurgaon - Jaipur - Gurgaon : 200K one way in single day and back next.

    • All long distance rides solo and on a regular Atlas cycle (the doodhwala cycle)

    • Cycling Blog at : It Is Not About The bike

    • More recently 2023 : Back on saddle after a long time. Currently @ 100-150K, 1-2 times a week. Still comfortable in high heat.

  • Martial Arts : TaeKwonDo - Bronze Medal - Mumbai Mayors Cup. Judo

  • Yoga : Advanced yoga practitioner

  • Ayurveda : Reversed a debilitating metabolic autoimmune condition with Ayurveda. Self-study and experimentation. Developed desktop app for medical tracking and data collection. Used advanced analytics and ML methodologies for fine-tuning protocols.


Analytics and data science professional, working in this space since mid 1990's. Analytics for me is both a passion and a profession. Deep experience with advanced analytics, machine learning and digital deployment for small business. And now diving into the world of LLM's, and Open AI API applications.Proficient with Python, SAS & Power BI as well as a host of other tools and platforms.


Over a period i have executed hands-on projects generating an incremental signed-off first year bottom-line impact of over USD 38.8 MM, with USD 13.8M in 2021-22 alone.

Also happen to be a Chartered Accountant and a Cost & Management Accountant.

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